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I've had a precious time in Dr. Ann's lessons. When we played together, sound resonated and her  lesson room filed with music. Her dynamic performance inspired me, and led me to the next level I've never been. Every Friday afternoon was the time two pianos were singing together.

Michiyo Kobukata

Both my children have been taking piano lessons from Dr. Ann for more than 4 years, they love the way she teaches. Dr. Ann really cares about her students and will go above and beyond to make sure they succeed.

Shuangmei Zhao

I have been taking piano lessons with Dr. Ann since the end of 2015. It has been a fun learning journey. I always loved the piano, but had no chance to learn when I was little. When I was in grad school, I follow some adult piano books and taught myself for a couple years, to a point where I could not improve anymore. Dr. Ann opened the door to piano for me. She taught me from scales to basic techniques to subtle interpretation of each music. It is great fun both playing solo and duet with Dr. Ann!

Rui Shao

Dr. Ann is a talented piano performer and educator. She is a patient instructor who shares her love for music with her students.

Hilary Loustaunau

Dr. Ann is a patient and calm teacher, whom I consider my role model. Not only I have learnt to play the piano, but also she has taught me to display a positive attitude and never give up.

Sadhana Nori

The best piano teacher in town!!!!!!!...I had several teachers in previous years...Dr Ann is the best and she will make sure you work hard and learn...

Adolfo Loustaunau

Dr Ann is the best piano teachers I had so far. She has been teaching me piano for more than 4 years now. She is very nice and likes to share music with us.

Henry W.

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